Live Recordings

Pima Community College Live Recitals
Music Building Recital Hall, West Campus

Faculty Recital 4-10-2002

Faculty Recital 4-16-2003

Faculty Recital 4-14-2004

Faculty Recital 4-21-2005

Faculty Recital 4-20-2006

Faculty Recital 4-12-2007 – see 2007 Southwest Regional Conference Artist Recital

Faculty Recital 4-17-2008

Faculty Recital 4-16-2009

Faculty Recital 4-15-2010

Faculty Recital 4-14-2011

Faculty Recital 4-14-2012

Faculty Recital 4-11-2013

Faculty Recital 4-17-2014

Faculty Recital 4-16-2015

Faculty Recital 4-14-2016

Faculty Recital 4-13-2017

Guest Artist Recitals

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point 9-29-12

International Tuba Euphonium Conference Live Recitals

ITEC 2002 Artist Recital (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Southwest Regional Conference Artist Recital 6-8-2003

Southwestern Regional Conference Artist Recital 4-12-2007

ITEC 2012, Linz, Austria 6-26-2012, 2:00 PM
Brucknerhaus Main Hall
Polizei Orchester Bayern, Johann Mösenbichler, conductor

You Tube videos of  Double Concerto:

Full Concert: Program

MP3 files:

Ecstatic-Fanfare by Steven Bryant – band (world premiere)

Double Concerto for Euphonium and Tuba by James Grant – Kelly Thomas, euphonium and Mark Nelson, tuba (European premiere)

Paroles by Jean-François Baud – Anthony Caillet, euphonium soloist

Folks Dances by Mike Fitzpatrick – Matthew Van Emmerik, euphonium soloist (European premiere)

Lorient Mutant by Frank Steckar – Anthony Caillet, euphonium soloist (world premiere)

Anthem by Steven Bryant – band