Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today is the day Kelly Thomas and I play the Double Concerto for Euphonium and Tuba by James Grant with the Polizeiorchester Bayern, Johann Mösenbichler, conductor.  It went extremely well.  The entire concert is posted in my Live Recordings section.  Below, the first pictures were taken late Monday evening after the “Welcome to Austria” concert during the ITEC dinner that followed.  I spent some time with Stacy Baker and Gail Robinson also.  They will be playing the Double Concerto in October!

For dinner tonight, I had the fine company of Jerry and Barbara Young and later Brian Bowman at a beer garden.  The food was delicious and the good company was fabulous.

My hotel room at Park Inn by Radisson

Ben Pierce and Jerry Young at the ITEC dinner

Jerry and Barbara Young at the ITEC dinner

Kevin and Susan Wass at the ITEC dinner

Mark and Stacy Baker at the ITEC dinner

Mark with Chitate Kagawa and some of his students

beer garden

Mark at beer garden

Brian Bowman at the beer garden

Mark and Jerry toasting