Saturday, June23, 2012

Today I went to Vienna via train.  Once there, I basically walked from the station downtown via Mariastrasse to the museum district and went into the natural history museum and the fine arts museum.  It was a great day.

On the way:

On train to Vienna

Church on the way to Vienna

Joseph Haydn statue

Mariahilfer Kirche plaque

Mariahilfer Kirche Vienna

Lazaristen Kirche Vienna

Lazaristen Kirche sign

Lazaristen Kirche gargoyle

Kunsthistor Museum corner

Kunsthistor corner

Museum square inVienna

Maria – museum square statue

Natural History museum in Vienna

Natural History museum staircase

Natural History museum second floor

Natural History museum ceiling

Amerika and Australien statue – Natural History museum

two-foot long bug in a case

Elephant room

Dodo bird

dinosaur room

Galapagos tortoises

dinosaur room opposite side

African spur tortoise

Fine Arts Museum

Roman gold medallions

Ancient Greek tile floor

Greek statues from antiquity

Greek pottery from antiquity

Egyptian sarcophagus room

Egyptian hirogliths

Egyptian scrolls of the dead

knife and sword store on Mariastrasse in Vienna

churches in distance – Vienna

Vienna train station West

Mark on train back to Linz