How To Be A Music Major At Pima

Contact information:

Dr. Mark A. Nelson
Performing Arts Head

Phone: 520-206-6826/520-206-6690 division office

I. General Information:

The music major program at Pima is designed for students who already have a background in music wishing to pursue a career in performance, education, history, theory, or commercial music.  Our Associate of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in music is consistent with the first two years of a bachelors degree in music.  Note: due to financial aid regulations, only courses in the approved program of study will likely eligible for financial aid.  Also, the Associate of Fine Arts with a concentration in music is a selective admission degree program which means you cannot be classified as a music major until you have successfully auditioned into the 100 level of MUP instruction.  The approval form we use is:

Selective Admission Form

The audition rubric is also used with a minimum of two instructors present at the audition:
Audition Rubric

The suggested sequence of courses is available by clicking on the following link:

Music Major Sequence of Courses

You must audition on your major instrument/voice before you can register for the first MUP course in studio instruction.  You must take the sequence of Structure of Music, Aural Perception, Class Piano, and Studio Instruction for each level at the same time.  We do not have a procedure for part-time music majors.  If you are not accepted as a music major after your audition, we may ask you to enroll in the pre-major sequence of MUP 061-067, MUS 102 Music Fundamentals, and MUS 105 Introduction to Piano for the first semester.  The specifics about registering for any of the MUP courses is found in this link:

Studio Instruction Eligibility

In addition to the required music courses, you also need to fulfill the general education course requirements.  That information is located on the web site.   Specifically, it is on this page:

Your full-time music faculty can help you with advising and course sequences.  Feel free to email any of us.  During the summer, we are not at Pima but will respond as soon as we can.

You are required to have the Selective Admission Form filled out by the audition chair and yourself as it needs to go to the admission office for processing to be formally admitted into the music major program (for financial aid and program requirements).
Form: Selective Admissions Program Form.

Dr. Raymond Ryder: exploring music through piano, class piano, studio instruction in piano:

Carol Christofferson: structure of music I-IV, aural perception I-IV, music theory review,  introduction to music notation software, music theory review, studio instruction in clarinet:

Dr. Jonathan Ng: PCC chorale, college singers, music history I, II, music fundamentals, studio instruction in voice: 

Dr. Mark Nelson: department chair, music fundamentals and exploring music online, electronic music, concert band, studio instruction in euphonium and tuba:

II. Ensemble Participation

We have a number of ensembles any student can participate in.  All ensembles are now 1 credit.  The list below includes the email addresses of the appropriate instructors so you can ask for information concerning auditions, repertoire, etc.  Please check the current class schedule for days and times for each ensemble.

Wind Ensemble MUS 120  Dr. Mark Nelson, director
second year: MUS 121

Chorale: MUS 130  Dr. Jonathan Ng, director

College Singers MUS 131 Dr. Jonathan Ng, director

Orchestra MUS 116  Dr. Alexander Tentser, director
second year: MUS 117

Jazz Ensemble MUS 108  Mike Kuhn, director
second year: MUS 109

Music Theatre Workshop MUS 148, Dr. Darrell King, director
Opera Scenes MUS 149, Dr. Darrel Kingdirector
taught together as cross-listed courses