How to be a Dance Major

Dance Major Information

Performing Arts Department Head:
Dr. Mark Nelson
Center for the Arts Room 3
20-206-6826/520-206-6690 division office

The Associate of Fine Arts with a concentration in Dance began a two-year teach out plan in Fall 2018.  No new majors are being accepted.  Current majors who wish to complete their degree are strongly urged to contact the department chair or the dance discipline coordinator, Nolan Kubota.  After Spring 2020, some dance courses will continued to be offered by Pima as elective courses assuming there is interest and enough enrollment. They can also be used for an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts as electives and for transfer.

The courses in the dance program will be taught in the following sequence through Spring of 2020.

Dance Conditioning: every semester
Ballet I, Modern I, Jazz I: every semester
Ballet II, Modern II, Jazz II: spring 2019, spring 2020
Ballet III, Modern III, Jazz III: fall 2018, fall 2019
Dance Appreciation/History: fall 2018
Business for Dance Careers: fall 2019
Rhythms for Dance: spring 2019
Dance Ensemble: every semester