Performing Arts Department Faculty Resources

Arts Division

Dean: Steven Higginbotham
520-206-6690, SP J115

Performing Arts Department Head: Dr. Jonathan Ng
520-206-6900, CFAMUS 21

PimaOnline Arts and Humanities Department Head: Dr. Mark Nelson
520-206-6826, CFAMUS 03

Division Support Specialist Courtney Fuller
520-206-6973, SP J112

Faculty Resource Center

Use the information at the Faculty Resource Center for absence instructions, forms, copy center and many other items as your “one-stop” shop as a Pima faculty member.

Arts Division Contact Information

Division FAX machine: (520) 206-6020

Syllabi and Students

The syllabus template for your specific courses are found in the Teach section of My Pima.  Access it via the Employee tab.   You access your specific course by discipline prefix (DNC for dance, MUP for music instruction, MUS for music, and THE for theatre). USE The Current Semester Template as required statements changes are ongoing.


  • Please use the following standard naming protocol for archiving:
    [courseprefix&number]- [CRN]-[facultyusername] -[Campus]- [termcode]
  • Term codes: 201910 (fall), 201920 (spring), 201930 (summer)
    The current academic year plus the last two digits = the term


How to Find Your Syllabus Template

Advising Facts

Attendance Tracking Video

Pima Information

Emergency Response Quick Reference Procedures

Emergency Preparedness Information

Guide for Dealing With Various Classroom Situations

Academic Calendars

Student Encumbrance Form (code of conduct)

Tucson Music Teachers Association Music Scholarship Information

Photo Release Form (for all public events that have our students performing)

Faculty and Administrator Comp Ticket Policy

Academic Deadlines and Grading Windows

Center for the Arts Homepage and Calendar of Events

Volunteer Services Agreement (f2012)

Copyright Law


Treasures in the Library from Rosanne Couston

PCC Library homepage:

Naxos Listening Library from PCC Library
1. Log into My Pima (
2. Click the “Library” tab
3. Click the “Articles and Databases” link
4. Click the “go directly to the database” scroll bar and find Naxos Music Library to click on.
5. Only 5 users are allowed on at one time due to licensing restrictions so if you can’t log on to the database, try again later.