MIDI Links

1. Tutorial on MIDI and Music Synthesis
Nicely done concise document on how MIDI works with computers (c. 1995)

2. MIDI World
Huge commercial site including the MIDI store, about MIDI, and other great links to equipment, software, and the latest in MIDI concepts and applications.

3. Ultimate MIDI Page
Another commercial site with lots of free MIDI downloads, information on a variety o MIDI-related topics and news about copyright and MIDI.

4. Laura’s MIDI Heaven! Midis and More!
Commercial site with an amazing number of downloadable midi files that can be saved and converted to notation through Finale.  Also has numerous links to downloadable sheet music, MIDI software, and other commercial interests.  Classical MIDI downloads: http://laurasmidiheaven.com/Classmidi.shtml

5. Music technology and MIDI glossary of terms and definitions:

6. FL Studio Material
a. http://www.fruity-loops-tutorials.com/
b. YouTube tutorial search

7. Finale 2012 Material
a. Finale 2012 tutorial
b. Case Western University Finale Tutorials: http://music.case.edu/tutorials/Finale/
c. YouTube tutorial search
d. Instrument ranges and transpositions handout

9. Reason 7.0 Material
a. Reason forum and tutorals list
b. Reason YouTube Channel
c. YouTube tutorial search

10. Band in a Box 2010 Material
a. Band in a Box company videos
b. YouTube tutorial search

There are many, many additional links you can find doing a keyword search using MIDI, the name of the sequencing software such as Reason or FL Studio, Finale, Band in the Box, and other keywords.  Many sites are commercial pay-for-service sites.  Some are home sites where MIDI enthusiasts have set-up their own downloadable and uploadable links.  Look for sites ending in the “.edu” domain which are educational in nature.  They are usually more reliable and longer-lived web sites than others