MUS 102 Extra Credit recital and report

EXTRA CREDIT for Spring 2014 semesters:

1. attend the Mark Nelson tuba recital (The Melodious Tuba) on April 17, 2014 7:00 PM in the music building recital hall (West Campus Center for the Arts).  Tickets are available at the Center for the Arts box office Tuesday-Fridays 12-5 PM and one hour before the recitial.
2. Write a paper about your experience using the following parameters:
a. The paper is a reflective narrative about your impressions and knowledge of what you listened to.  It is to be typed in 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial are the usual fonts) of at least two pages, double spaced.  Comment on each work performed using your MUS 102 vocabulary in an appropriate way. Attach the program to your paper.
b. I will grade the paper for correct grammar in standard English and also for content based on the recital.
c. The paper is to be turned in no later than your MUS 102 class period on Thursday April 24 to receive credit.  The maximum credit given is 5% added to your final semester grade.
d. The instructor’s decision on percentage points awarded is final.