MUS 102 Links

Music Fundamentals MUS 102
Dr. Mark Nelson, Instructor
Pima Community College, Tucson AZ
Links to Try

Virtual Piano
A virtual piano with sound and links to playing piano.

Virtual Keyboard:
Includes different drum beats, chord options, and several MIDI instruments to chose from.

Virtual Keyboard with multiple functions
This version has the ability to use the computer keyboard to play notes and chords as well as accompanying pre-set songs.

Online Pianist
Tutorials with an online interactive piano.

Songs to Sing in the Car for Kids (Given to me by Brownie Troop #)

Theata Music
This site has lots of concepts and games and handy downloads for virtually all aspects of music fundamentals. – a new site where you can tap the rhythm to a song on the space bar of your computer and it comes up with a list of choices and links to lyrics and other attributes of the song.

eMusicTheory.Com – a comprehensive set of exercises and links for the budding music fundamentals student. – a comprehensive site for lots of theory exercises and drills, instrument ranges, and even music jokes:
(use the theory trainer on this page)

Music Theory Online by Dr. Brian Blood.  Its like having an entire text online at your disposal!

Ricci Adams’
Amazing resource of practice drills, chord generator, staff paper generator, and online question and answers.

Gary Ewer’s Easy Music Theory – a new text.  Lessons are available at bottom of front page to try out.

Comprehensive Music Dictionary from the Virginia Tech University:
Not only a comprehensive searchable index of terms, but also a pronunciation capacity with the right plug-ins!

Teoria Music Theory website:
Contains lots of music theory information and exercises to try.

The Free Classical Sheet Music Guide:
Lots of sites collected here on where to find music to download and print.

On line free ear-training on the Net:

Big Ears: The Original Online Ear Trainer: – A Guitar Training and Resource Center:

Music Tech Teacher:
Lots of games, quizes, fun stuff to do on the net